Saturday, June 2, 2007

Roman Activities

We got together with a few friends and did some hands-on activties as well as a toga party at the end.

I recommend getting the Classical Kids Activity Book and Make it Work Rome for ideas and directions.

We made togas and stolas (from a sheet), sandals (from fake chamois), paper mache helmets (came out awesome), standards (cardboard tube, small paper plates and foil), jewelry- coin rings (pipe cleaner and a penny)and silver arm bands (poster board strip and foli) and wreaths for the head (florist wire and artificial leaves). We made mosaics, clay jars (with red self-hardening clay). We made catapults (cardboard box, masking tape, a plastic spoon and mini-marshmallows) and aquaducts (cardboard tubes cut in half and blocks). Some made
paper mache elephants (Hannibal). We made theater masks from paper mache and cheese cloth. We made a paper arch to go over a door way, sponged painted it with poster paints.

The children chose Roman names, wrote skits and at the toga party, acted them out. The two older girls acted a new reporters and the other children acted. They did a gladiator fight skit, chariots races with crashes on the road, and a fashion show.

Hope this encourages and spurs a few of you on.

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