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The following recommendations were copied, pasted, and condensed
from posts in the archives here...


Biographies we liked for the Renaissance:

*Joan of Arc; Soldier Saint, Morning Star of the Reformation
*The Bible Smuggler which was about William Tyndale
*The Man Who Laid the Egg about Erasmus
*Thunderstorm in the Church about Martin Luther.
*a biography about Leonardo DaVinci by Emily Hahn that my son tells
me was a bit dry in the beginning but once he got into it, he really
enjoyed it.

Highly recommend for Renaissance fiction:

*The Trumpeter of Krakow.

Mindy in PA


We bought a book called Jesus Freaks by D.C. Talk. It is a book about martyrs. I have been looking at the dates of these martyrs in the book and reading the ones who were martyrs in the time period of the Renaissance. It has really brought about some neat conversations, from
our boys.

Be aware that the short stories can be quite graphic and might need some parental discretion before reading them to some children. Mine are handling it well so far but we are being careful.

Blessed to be at home,
Sherry Carrington


Some good short biography series we found at our library include:

*Famous Children series--composers--early elementary
*Science Story Library--scientists and inventors--4-6th grade
*Great Lives--all kinds of famous people--4-6th grade
*Explorers of New Worlds--4-6th grade
*Famous Explorers--easy reading
*Discovery books--all kinds of famous people--chapter books
--4th-6th grade

We also found a great easy to read series on space:

*The Library of the Planets

Joan, PA


Shakespeare for Kids His Life and Times by Colleen Aagesen & Marcie Blumberg. We're reading this right now it's a great book.



These are videos depicting the era/life of each:

*Beethoven Lives Upstairs
*Monet's Garden
*Degas and the Dancers
*Leonardo Da Vinci

Classical Kids tapes - all of them (Mozart's, Vivaldi, Bach,
Beethoven, etc.) We still listen to them. All are narrations
of their lives set to the composer's music.

Shakespeare for Kids has a very nice story of Shakespeare and
includes easy activities for this age group.

Shakespeare by Aliki is a very nice kids book.


We read two Trailblazer books that were good. One on William Tyndale and one on John Bunyan. They contain lots of good info without being boring.



We read "Along Came Galileo" for the Renaissance and my sons liked it. It has a lot of information and has illustrations, as well.
Daphne in WI


I recommend "The Gospel in The stars" by Seiss It has a Biblical explanation of the constellations and is very good.


A really good!!!!! reformation film (video) is called "Martin Luther Heritage" produced by family films..starring Jonathan Pryce, Jon Croft and others.It was produce in 1990 by family films,

3558 South Jefferson
Ave, St Louis MO 63118.



There's a good book...'Shakespeare for Kids' that we are having fun with.



Recommended living books written for the K-3rd grade level:


*Journey Through History: The Renaissance by Gloria Vergas
*Antonio's Apprenticeship: Painting a Fresco in Renaissance Italy by Taylor Morrison
*Pop Up Leonardo da Vinci by A&M Porvensen
*Michelangelo's World by Piero Ventura
*St Philip of the Joyous Heart by Francis X Connolly
*Sir Walter Raleigh by Adele deLeeuw
*Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists series..... Botticelli,
*DaVinci, Michelangelo, Bruegel, Rembrandt


*Gutenberg's Gift by Nancy Willard & Bryan Leister
*Fine Print - A story about Johann gutenberg by Joann Burch

Cari in Louisiana



I found a really great book with lots of hands on projects if you're interested in that kind of book. It's published by Reader's Digest and it's called "How the Universe Works". There are over 100 projects. Lots of color pictures and illustrations. Step by step instructions on how to make different projects to learn about astronomy. We've used other books in this series. They are definitely on my favorite, I couldn't do without them, list.

Debbie in CO


I purchased these books (Astronomy):

*The Astronomy Book, Dr. Jonathan Henry (Wonders of Creation Series - ages 8-14).
*Spinning Worlds, Michael Carroll (A Child's Guide Series)
*The World of Space, Dinah Zike.

Rhonda in CO


If you have older children the book "Astronomy and the Bible" is very good.

The Moody Videos are SO GOOD. If you get to where you can make the investment they are definitely worth it! I bought the set "Journeys to the Edge of Creation" , which is a 2 tape set.

Kathy in OH


I found this wonderful site with most of the artists and samples of their works: .

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