Friday, June 1, 2007

MAPS Full lesson plans, maps, games, quizzes - a loaded site
Egypt, Gift of the Nile Lesson Plan You can download the entire Curriculum Resource Unit as a
Microsoft Word document. This document comes complete with introduction, methodology,
lesson plans, maps, and images. If you are on a PC and do not have Microsoft word, you can view and print the document using Word converter program from the Microsoft web site.

Many, many maps at the above sites. The first site has maps in PDF format.......scroll down to where it says "Ancient Civilizations" will find a map of Egypt there.

Hope you find what you are looking for. The second site has maps galore......look on the lefthand of the page......there are tons of choices for maps.

This link shows everything Dorian said to mark. has lots of good maps, but they are modern maps:

There's a map of ancient Egypt here:,5716,3827+asmbly%255Fid,00.html

and here:

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