Friday, June 1, 2007

Lesson Plans / Misc Full lesson plans, maps, games, quizzes - a loaded site Egyptian Explorers elementary and middle students can now enjoy locating information on Ancient Egypt! Learn about Ancient Egyptian daily life, Egyptian mummies, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, King Tut (Tutankhamen), Egyptian games, and Archeology. This Internet-based activity was developed by Gail Desler, Placerville, California and her grade six students. There are many links to online
resources as well as interesting questions.
An Egyptian Scavenger Hunt and an Interactive Story Students from San Diego State University's Isis Productions in conjunction with a class of Grade 6 students have designed and
published an elaborate adventure game about Ancient Egypt entitled Hatshepsut's Revenge
Ancient Egypt - games and timeline
Egyptian Scavenger Hunt
Collaborative Thematic Unit
Social Studies 7-12 About the Nile
Ancient Egypt
Egyptian Civilization
Teachers Guide
Great Pyramid Mystery Solved!
lesson plans
Lesson Plans (7-12
Ancient Egypt Thematic Unit - An integrated unit with lessons, centers, weblinks, and printables
Ancient Egypt Thematic Unit - An integrated unit with lessons, centers, weblinks, and printables
Color Me Egypt - Click on an image to print an Egyptian picture to color. Students color pyramids, pharoahs, and more
Egypt Ideas - Five printable dittos and directions for a study of Ancient Egypt. You can print out a pyramid pattern, hieroglyphics translation wheel, Egyptian coffin, bingo study guide, or bingo game sheets
15 days of lesson plans for 6th grade
Egypt, Gift of the Nile Lesson Plan You can download the entire Curriculum Resource Unit as a
Microsoft Word document. This document comes complete with introduction, methodology,
lesson plans, maps, and images. If you are on a PC and do not have Microsoft word, you can view and print the document using Word converter program from the Microsoft web site.
Egyptian Art Students attempt to simulate the art of the Egyptians in this lesson plan
which involves extensive Internet research. This plan is best for middle school students.

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