Friday, June 1, 2007


I have this neat book by Klutz that is called Artrageous Projects. In it was the following project.

Mummify Queen Shopsalot

1. Find a doll (Barbie) who is willing to cooperate. (Tell her not to worry. The reward is eternal life.)

2. Wash very carefully. Rub lightly with perfumed oil. Sprinkle with salt. We won't bother removing the internal organs or the brain (the manufacturer has already done that).

3. Include some of her favorite jewelry and begin the wrapping process. Again we will skip the 70 days of drying. If you don't have any linen, don't worry. We just used high quality paper wrap. (toilet paper)

5. Finish wrapping. Paint a face. It doesn't have to look like her; the Egyptians didn't worry about that either.

6. Make and decorate a Mummy case using a shoebox and put in several things the queen may need in the "afterlife". Don't forget cosmetics, jewelry and snacks!

LOL! We will have fun with this one! Smile

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