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Here are some forms that homeschoolers have designed for using with LA...

Note: All of my forms are figured on 120 hours. Why this many hours? Most schools require some where around 180 days of school (Texas 175). If you take those 180 days and multiply times 50 minutes (length of class time), then divide by 60 minutes (time in 1 hour) you get 150 for each credit (1 years worth of class).

But,... where do I get the 120 hours? How much of those 50 minutes is actually spent in teaching? 40 seems to be a good number. So when you do the math on 40 minutes, you get the 120 hours.

Here you can click on forms (the only thing there right now).

In here you will see 3 forms that divide history into : US, World, and Government & Economics.

These forms are designed for covering LA History. Each form equals 1 year of credit (120 hours). You could use 2 US History to make a 4th year of history - you will probably fill this anyways.

Also on this page you will see folders for AWOA & ANWOA. These were what I designed 1st, but decided they would be better suited for the younger grades, but they can be used here as well. Mainly, they have all of the units broken down & match the lesson plans (ie Day 1, etc). These would be as record of what you have covered, ie days done with school.

I also will have more forms to upload (I have to make some more). I am kind of waiting to see some items I have coming in the mail.

Mainly, what I plan on doing (history) is having my daughter write down what she covers (ie read Ben Hur for 1 hour) in each square. Of course, you could write down the title (ie Greek myths) then keep tally marks in the square (6 tallys = 1 hour), thus a tally in this instance would be 10 minutes. You might have several squares labeled, but you would know once you have 6 tally marks, then that hour is complete.

Barb Shelton's Form-U-la does go into depth on this. One thing she mentions, is that you read through her whole book, before you start doing it.

She has a form for you to list all of your daily subjects (I did make my own, so I can upload this one too.) I do not want to upload any that are hers, but she did see some of mine and said it was ok to share them with you, since they were "my creations".

In a nutshell, I could list the ones that I am planning on using if that will help you. I think this form plan is easy to do. Also, the idea is that your child is the main person who is filling out the
forms. There are forms that are used more as a permanent record (of course you could include all), but these would be more formal.

The way we can use these forms with ease, is that we do not need to cover an hour of each class every day. Barb does have forms that do explain more clearly how to cover all the material needed to graduate.

I hope this helps a little, I am sure it will bring up more questions, so ask away!!!!


This is a list of the forms I plan on using with High School:

Pace Determiner Worksheet
Tally Worksheet
Staying on Track Record
Weekly Assignment Plan (1 per week)
English Completion Check-Off Sheet (1 per year)
Class Content Plan (1 per class) this is for ideas to cover
-would not be necessary if covering a straight curriculum
-could be used with LA, (ie extra things mentioned in LA)
-used before or just before subject that is covered.
Class Completion Record (1 per class)

Right now, that is all that I have in my binder. I do have her book report form & Scripture form (actually my own version).

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