Friday, June 1, 2007

Favorite Books

Favorites others have used....

Hi all- I found a few books at the library that I'd like to recommend on craft and game ideas for Ancient Egypt. I don't know if these are on the list in the book or not. SPEND THE DAY IN ANCIENT EGYPT Projects and Activities that bring the past to Life. Written by Linda Honan
Egyptians Facts, things to make and activities written by Rachel Wright

How Would You Survive as an Ancient Egyptian? Jacqueline Morley John James (Illustrator) David Salariya (Illustrator)

I read I Am the Mummy...on the list you posted and thought it creepy. I didn't let my girls read it (see my post about "terrified...")

For 5th grade and up I would say as long as your kiddos can handle it. Not grotesque per se, but just creepy. Lots of info though. Scan it first.

My son (8th) has read Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt(landmark book), is currently reading Tales of Ancient Egypt, and will soon start GA Henty's Cat of Bubastas.

My 5th and 3rd grade girls are reading Tut's mummy Lost and Found, a book called Tutkathamen and learned quite a bit about archaeology and excavation.

There is a very interesting book, that I learned about in the Greenleaf catalog. The name of the book is "Pharaohs and Kings: A Biblical Quest" It goes into great detail about the archaeological evidence for a much shorter Egyptian History. It is fascinating reading, but it does take some time to get through.

We read this book today and it was great. Wonderful sketches in it that could be copied and colored.

One Day in the Desert by Jean Craighead George

It is 44 pgs long and held the attention of my 2nd grader through my 7th grader

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