Friday, June 1, 2007

Human Body Links This site has information on parts of the body and is geared towards kids. Cool site with worksheets. Did you know about the human body great for human body book. Good site for kids n body. Vertial trip, cartoon of body. Interactive site of body cool site. Great unit study on body for little ones. Great site for print outs on body. Lots of links for human body. Clip art for body book or lap book


Anesha said...

Hi Nice Blog . In this, the body is studied by regions rather than by organs. This is of importance to the surgeon who exposes different planes after the skin incision and who, of course, must be perfectly familiar with structures as he explores the limbs andHuman Anatomy studycavities.

Anesha said...

Hi Nice Blog . A recent development has been the appearance of a complete, sectioned human body appearing on the World Wide Web. The Visible Human Project presents transverse CT, MRI and cryosection images of two complete human cadavers, one male and one female, at an average of 1 mm intervals inHuman Anatomy study