Friday, June 1, 2007

Aesops Fables - online

Here are some Aesop URLs you might find helpful:


Here's a black and white illustration of Aesop's Fable, "The Council of
1969, courtesy of the artist (Jacob Lawrence) and Francine Seders Gallery

And a modern cartoon type illustration of "The Mice in Council"

This is an oil painting of Aesop:
Diego VELAZQUEZ: Aesop (c. 1639-40)
Oil on canvas, 70 1/2 x 37 in. (179 x 94 cm.) Museo del Prado, Madrid, No.

I had to share these great sites for Aesop's Fables: Has 655 fables online, some with
illustrations and some with audio versions. Has "The
Boy who cried Wolf" as a play. Has several fables illustrated by art
students at the University of Massachusetts (I'd stick to the traditional
versions rather than their modern versions!).

We do not specify which fables book to buy because so many people have books of fables and fairy tales in their homes already. If you look on page 118 in the book, there are two books that I list that include all the fables that are covered in the Ancient Greece unit. In parentheses there, I tell you that all the fables in this unit are included in these two books. For your convenience, I will list them here:

(1) Aesop. Aesop's Fables. New York: Exeter Books, 1987.
(2) Ash, Russell and Bernard Higton (compilers). Aesop's Fables. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 1990.

I really recommend that you go to the library and check out a few books of fables and I am sure that between two or three of them, you will find everything you need.

I am soooo glad to hear that everything is going so well with your learning adventure!


I just printed my Aesop's Fables off the interenet.Saves money!!

Here are a few web sites for Aesop's Fables...

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