Friday, June 1, 2007


-Olympic Medal-

Need: frozen juice can lids or circles of cardboard,paper, glue, ribbon, staples, markers, glitter

Directions: Cut a circle of paper a bit smaller than the size of the juice can lid. Glue the paper securely to the center of the lid. Decorate this with markers, crayons and glitter. They can write things like their names, #1, Winner, etc. They can also draw a picture of the Olympic Rings

Measure a length of ribbon that will fit around the child's neck. Attach the two ends of the ribbon to the back of the medal and secure with glue and/or tape. You can also use a circle of heavy cardboard in place of a juice can lid, but the lid gives it a little more weight.

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-Olympic Rings-

Need: paper plates, markers, glue or stapler, scissors
Directions: Cut the centers out of 5 paper plates, leaving only a 1-2inch rim. Color each rim 1 color of the olympic rings: blue, black, red, yellow and green. Assemble as follows: There are five rings forming two rows of three rings above and two below. The rings of the upper row are, from left to right, blue, black and red. The rings of the lower row are yellow and green. Assemble by glue or staples. You can punch two holes at the top to hang or display!

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-Olympic Torch-
Need: paper towel tube, glue, red tissue paper, yellow tissue paper
Directions: This is an easy and fun project! Cut the tissue paper into 8"x8" squares. Hold one piece of tissue paper in the center (point) of the square and gather up the edges. Stick the "points"e into one end of the paper towel tube and secure each with tape, staples or glue. Fill with enough pieces of tissue paper to give it a full flame look (alternating red and yellow). You
can even add a little glitter on the edges of the tissue to give it a little sparkle! Let dry and you have your own Olympic Torch!

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