Friday, June 1, 2007

Chicken Mummification

First get a chicken and take out any innards. Fill the cavity with salt (regular table salt). Next put a bit of salt in a strong baggie (we double bagged it, as it gets very heavy.) and put the chicken in the bag. Fill up the baggie with salt until the entire chicken is covered. It MUST be completely covered. Seal the baggie and put it away for a time to dry. Depending on the size of the chicken, it may take from 4-6 weeks. After the 2nd week, take the chicken out and change the salt, which will be all moist now. Keep checking the salt after this and change it whenever it is very moist.

Once the chicken is dry, remove it and brush off the salt. Next you can smother it with oil (baby oil) and sprinkle it with spices (we used cinnamon and nutmeg). Next cut long strips of white fabric, dip them in glue, and wrap them around your mummified chicken. Completely cover it and let it dry. We then painted it Egyptian fashion. Have fun!

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