Friday, June 1, 2007

Arts & Crafts / Activities

Chronological art lessons for art history Papyrus (Egypt) - Illustrated student hand-outs, and project ideas for teaching about making papyrus, the paper of the ancient Egyptian

Egyptian Profile Portraits (art unit, 3-4 days)
Looking at Ancient Egyptian Art (MetMuseum)
Color Me Egypt - Click on an image to print an Egyptian picture to color. Students color pyramids, pharoahs, and more
Egypt Ideas - Five printable dittos and directions for a study of Ancient Egypt. You can print out a pyramid pattern, hieroglyphics translation wheel, Egyptian coffin, bingo study guide, or bingo game sheets

Egyptian Art Students attempt to simulate the art of the Egyptians in this lesson plan which involves extensive Internet research. This plan is best for middle school students.

I also found an egyptian screen saver's pretty cool. My son helped me download it to our computer today...The site also has alot of other great stuff. The web site is

Here are coloring sheets for Egypt.Debra"

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