Saturday, June 2, 2007

Ocean Theme Day

We did an "ocean" themed day with another homeschool family that is not using LA. Our theme days have been great fun and allow the kids to have "school" together with some great learning opportunities.

On this day, the kids did a report and poster on an ocean based topic. One of the boys used sharks as his project, the other one had his on ocean pollution.

We started the day with a video on ocean life. There was a list of questions to quiz on what they learned from the video. While they were watching, the adults prepared lunch with sea food salad, gold fish, ocean spray juice and fish shaped cookies. After lunch we had them present their reports and posters. Crafts came next with shell wreath crafts purchased from Oriental trading. While the crafts dried, we took the kids swimming.

These "theme" days are a fun way to join together with other homeschoolers but they can be done within the family as well.

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