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Make sure you look at the author's timeline she has on her site.


I did find a site that sells lines and to be colored figures if anyone is
interested.Here is the site:

There are samples on other pages and an order form to order various sets.It
looks good.


Go here and look at this site of a HS mom that has done timelines.Great


We bought a spiral bound timeline book from Sonlight several years
ago. Each year we just add too it according to whatever we are
studying. I also put photos of grandparents, parents, in the book so
the kids can see where they fit into history.

You can use your favorite computer encyclopedia or do a web search
for people's pictures online.....simply print out and WHALA!! you
don't have to draw the timeline figures.


I have created my own Timeline book (if interested...I do have it uploaded on
my eGroups list..but, I can upload it here at the "Learning Adventures" file
site if you wish)...this is much easier for us because we do not have enough
wall space. However, at one time I did try to create a "portable" timeline.
I purchased a very large piece of foam board (probably around 4 feet by 3
feet)...I had planned on making strips of paper as the "lines" on the
timeline---the left-hand side was the BC and on the right-hand side was AD.
I then realized that I didn't have any place to store, we cut up the
foam board and made projects out of it! *g*...

A friend of mine made a neat timeline by taking pieces of card stock and
taping them together to create an "accordian-type" book...she had BC on one
side of the timeline and AD on the other side....I liked this idea...but,
stuck with my book idea because I like the idea of having it in a binder...I
can add pages at any time if we run out of space!...


Someone asked about making timelines so I thought I'd chime in. This year we have 2 different types ,one an accordian style that I made by taping cardstock together with packing tape and another for each of my older children in a spiral bound sketch book.
For the accordian one I began at Creation (4000 B.C.) and used the Bible to date the Patriarchs to the Flood (1653 A.C. after creation) then to Abraham. I use 1 inch for each 100 years. For main events( Creation, The Fall,Cain and Abel,The Flood, Tower of Babel, Abraham and Isaac on Mt.Moriah,etc.) I had my 6yo ds make a sticker label with a small drawing then tape it on. This way if he made a mistake we could just make a different sticker. I am not sure what year Joseph should be at(anyone know?) but from what I could gather it is somewhere around 1800 B.C. We were amazed to find Seth still alive until the time of Noah and Shem still alive during the time of Abraham. This shed a new light on Righteous Abraham. We also were thrilled to find the Old Kingdom of Egypt destroyed at the time of the flood. Hmmmmmm!
In the sketch book timelines I had the children date each 2 page spread for 50 years. At the to we ran After creation and at the bottom B.C. and A.D. for ex. Creation to 50 A.C. at the top and Creation - 3950 B.C. at the bottom. On this page we put drawings of the 6 Creation days and 1 of rest. We are filling the lines with dates as we come across them and since my children love to draw I am just having them make pictures as timeline figures. I will also photocopy book covers to paste in where they belong or pictures off the net as I come across them. These books are turning into a sort of scrap book for the year.
Oh Yeah, I also put us on the line so they would have a perspective where in history we are.
HTH, Blessings, Faithe


Ancient Greece timelines


Click on History timeline to see this. Huge, and different levels going at the same time. I would like some opinions on this, if it 'looks'like it would work well with la. I am considering JK timeline, or possible this, althoug it doesnt look like you get to add stuff to it, I am sure we could.


What we did...
I had each child make their own accordian style timeline.
We took construction paper (differnt colors) laid them short side to short side
and taped them on the back side. We then drew a line across the tops and a line across the bottom. The top line was for AC(After Creation) and the bottom for BC-AD
We used approx. 1 " per 100 years.
We can now fold these accordian style and slip them into our history folders. This makes it easy for each of us to specialize our own timeline(yes, I made one for myself.
My oldest dd is and artist and hers is quite beautiful with her ink drawings surrounding the dates.
DD#2 is a just the facts Ma'am type and her timeline is very simple, unembelished, but extremely useful
DS loves to draw action heroes so his looks kinda like a comic book. He draws his on stickers and we stick them on his timeline.
These timeline were the answer to much searching for the perfect timeline. We tried the wall idea but with toddlers in the house we could not keep it low enough for use and high enough to be out of reach.
By making them ourselves there was virtually no cost and learning was effective.
Don't forget to put yourselves on the timeline. Then they can see where they are in history too!
Have fun. If yours doesn't turn out perfect, You can always make another one next year.Smile

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