Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Comb Binding

How to make the comb binding more useable.....


Hi all,

I purchased the 1 inch combs from an office supply store.

I then also copied the front cover and put each unit name on a separate sheet of paper. I did use cardstock for each and laminated (or use clear contact paper).

Then I put each unit in a separate 1 inch comb.



The book is LARGE, comb bound and very heavy when carried for very long in a
crowded library Smile

I took the comb part out of the book, very carefully as to not tear anything
and three-hole punched it for a binder notebook. I placed the first three
units into the notebook with dividers to separate each unit. I put the
other half of the units away until next semester. I will put pocket
dividers in my notebook too, so I can collect and save any little thing to
go along with our study. (maps, charts, pictures, etc.)



It might be nice to leave it as it is but already have it 3 hole
punced also for those who want to put it in a binder. I plan to put
it in a binder in protector sheets a little at a time. Maybe 1
binder for each unit. I too am blessed by the cost and would rather
take the time to put it into my own binder than add to the cost by
binding it more expensively.

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