Wednesday, February 28, 2007

January 5, 2001 - Younger than 4th grade

In response to your questions, your son is too young for LA. Wait until he
is in fourth grade and he will be perfect for it. Our curriculum is
written for grades four - eight and it would be WAY over his head right
now. You would have to cut out so many more things than you could do! He
would be lost and you would be frustrated! People use this for younger
children only when they have an older child as well. They cut out lots
LOTS of stuff for their younger ones and replace with phonics, etc.

We do suggest that you read books aloud to your children - but the content
of the stories is challenging even for some fourth graders - it is meant
for intermediate children. We use the Bible a LOT - it is woven into the
very fiber of the program. However, though we do cover a few Bible stories
chronologically in the beginning of the book, we do NOT start with creation
and we do not continue chronologically in the bible. We move along
chronologically throughout history and work the bible in where it applies
and fits into the theme.

I think the Weaver uses the Bible chronologically - (I may be wrong on
this) and I think they are written for all ages. Also - Five in a Row is a
really good unit study (literature-based) for younger children.

Come back and join us when he is older and can truly enjoy all of the
benefits that A World of Adventure has to offer. We will look forward to
hearing from you again someday - and we hope that you find the curriculum
you are looking for right now - one that works perfectly for your family!


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