Wednesday, February 28, 2007

January 4, 2001 - Reading out loud

I pronounced the main characters like this: GEE-boo (with a hard "g" like
in Golden), RAN-u-fer, HEK-et.

I doubt if your children will never know, though - if your mother is
pronouncing them wrong - as long as she is consistent throughout the story.
It is hard with names - just wait till you get to the Greece unit!!! You
are in for a real treat - or should I say - your mother is in for a treat!
Actually, that is one reason I chose CLASSIC MYTHS TO READ ALOUD - because
the author gives the pronunciations before each selection. How nice of
your mom to tape the story for your girls! I am sure that she will do a
good job - especially if she is already concerned about how to pronounce
some of the names.

That brings me to a really good story about read-alouds. Last year, Ryan
and I read GONE WITH THE WIND to coincide with our Civil War study. I
always have a different unique voice for each character - and I mean I
really get into it! I had each of these southern characters down pat.
Well, we often watch the video of what we just read - after we have
finished the book (I like Ryan to see that the book is ALWAYS better!) I
get a hoot out of the fact that Ryan says the movie version's characters
never have the "right" voices. The icing on the cake was when - after
hearing Mammy speak for the first time - he said, "Hey - she doesn't sound
like that! You do it much better, mom!"

Okay, so now you all know my hidden talent . . . doing "voices."



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