Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kids Younger than 4th grade

My 7 yod, 2nd grader is doing LA with my 4th and 6th grader. She
loves what we are doing. How I adapted: She uses a different
spelling list and I change the writing assignments to make them more
appropriate for her. (I have her write paragraphs on whatever we are
studying at the time, ex. the Nile river, pyramid at Giza, etc.) I
have found many books at her level for her reading assignments, and
she listens to all the books we read aloud. So far the grammar
assignments have not been any problem for her. She has her own
timeline book that she loves making, and I include more
drawing/coloring pages (like Dover's Ancient Egypt coloring book).
She is very proud of her notebook.


I was communicating with another LAer the other day and we were
discussing some of the modifcations I am making for my 2nd grader as
we go through LA. I thought it might be good for me to share these
on the loop in case anyone else who is just starting out may have
younger "tag-alongs" like me.
[We just completed Day 6] I am using this study with my ds who is a
5th grader (roughly) and my dd who is a 2nd grader (roughly). I am
not modifying a thing for my ds. Some things are challenging for him
but that's good. I just support him with discussion and examples as
much as I can. We do LOTS of discussion before any writing is
For my dd - She is an avid reader and writer so this helps. I have
assigned her the following:
Spelling words - I chose 10 of the 25 given and am having her work on
those applying each rule as appropriate. She is handling this just
fine. She had been working in Spelling Workout Book C.
Writing - She has been working with us on elements of literature and
seems to have some grasp of the concepts. But it is not critical to
me that she understand the terms "exposition", "rising
action", "climax", etc. We are discussing them together and she is
doing the writing assignments. Her paragraphs have been more of a
summary of the story - like narrations - but the sentences are well-
written and she is relating lots of detail. She is so motivated
because she thinks she is doing the same assignment as her big
Science/Social Studies - She does all the projects and she and I
discuss them. In science I ask her to give me verbal reasons for
what's been done and why, and the results. In social studies, we
discuss facts that she's learned and applied. (My ds is being asked
to write and learn the vocabulary; write details of experiments; and
write short summaries of his s.s. projects) They are both learning
like crazy!!!
I don't know if this will help anyone, or if it makes any sense.
Please let me know if you need for me to clarify anything. Thanks
and blessings to all in this endeavor.


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