Wednesday, February 28, 2007

September 10. 2000 - Umbrella Schools

Regarding umbrella schools and their requirements:
Copying all the daily plans would be really expensive, but listing the topics for each day seems so cumbersome. How detailed do they want you to be? Do you need to submit plans in advance or at the end of the quarter?

Do they want something like the following, or do they want more or less detail? Do they require DAILY plans or do they only want a summary of what you will cover in a quarter? I have a feeling each umbrella school will have different answers to these questions, but you need to find out exactly what yours requires so that you can comply. It would be great if all the LA users could help each other out on this, as you suggested, but it may be difficult in terms of the differing requirements for each umbrella school.

Is this what they are looking for?
Day 1
Historical Literature - Gen. 37 / Discussion for Comprehension
Latin/Greek Roots (Chronos)
Writing events of story in chronological order
Egyptian History - Read _____________, Sample Egyptian foods
Science (Deserts) - Read _____________
Fine Arts - Hymns on topic
Math - (list book and pages covered)
Typing - (list book and pages covered)

If they only require proof of study after the fact could you prepare a portfolio of your children's work for this? LA is PERFECT for this - you could include a book list of books read - have your children type them up in bibliographic format (that would be SUPER impressive when they see how much reading your children have done), and the writing assignments and vocabulary lists would be great additions. Take pictures of all projects and experiments as you do them together so that you have a wonderful assortment of "proof of learning activities." Write up your science experiments - the procedure, the results, and what you learned. You could include all of these in a large notebook.

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