Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How AWOA Came to be....

You are giving me an opportunity to brag about Dorian here. She IS incredible! The idea for A World of Adventure was born out of her own home school experiences and the experiences of other moms that she has tried to help. When we moved to Casey five years ago there were several home school families in our church. She spent hours with several of them, helping them with their lesson plans, and counselling them on various problems that they had. One by one, they gave up and sent their children back to the public school. It broke her heart. She knew what they needed. They needed one resource that "spelled it all out." They needed a resource that would take them by the hand for a full year. If something like this existed, she would not have invested the intense amount of time it has taken to write A World of Adventure.

Dorian wrote A World of Adventure in 13 months. Many hours and many late nights were spent in its writing. During that time, she has home schooled our son Ryan, directed the children's choir at church, directed VBS, directed our Wednesday night children's ministry program, taught a large group of 3rd and 4th graders on Wednesday nights, and co-directed our music program at church for nearly the full year while we searched for a full time minister of music. She has also written two songs and managed our household! It has only been through the grace of God that she has been able to accomplish all these things. Amazing!!

We now have a minister of music at our church, which has taken a lot of her load. Dorian is now "only" directing the Wednesday night children's program and playing piano for services.

After a short time off from writing, she is back at it. A New World of Adventure will be wonderful. As the months unfold, I'll give you all some "hints" as to what it contains.

God bless you all as you continue in your own adventures.


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