Wednesday, February 28, 2007

October 16, 2000 - Holiday Plans

Dear Everyone,

There are no holiday plans. The only things I can think of that are even remotely related to any holiday are listening to Handel's Messiah - which is covered in the Ancient Rome unit along with prophecy and the birth of Christ, and both The Door in the Wall and Adam of the Road, in the Middle Ages unit, happen to have Christmas celebrations within the context of the books. Don't confuse these with holiday plans, though. I am a big believer in trying to make things connect, but the units in AWOA are meant to be followed according to the order in the book and it is better if nothing is skipped. If you skip the Egypt unit, you will miss anything that is introduced in that unit, list-making, the elements of literature, etc. When these concepts/skills appear again as a review, you will only be introducing them and you will have to backtrack so that you will know how to present these concepts. If you have already completed an Egypt unit on your own and don't want to do LA as a review, you will need to read through the entire unit very carefully so that when a concept appears again as a review in another unit, you and your children will know what it is all about. Pleeeeease do not do the units out of order, or it will be confusing to both you and your children. If you are not following the daily plans as given, then move along at a pace that works well for you, but do it sequentially.


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