Wednesday, February 28, 2007

October 23, 2000 - Spelling Lists

Yes, there are spelling lists in LA - we cover all the basic spelling rules
(i before e, except after c) etc. and the spelling words apply to each of
the rules. There are also lists pertaining to the topic you will be
studying (example - some of the spelling words during the time you will
cover the astronomy unit are: Mercury, Venus, telescope, etc.) There are
also several groups of spelling words on "words commonly misspelled in
today's world" in addition to lists of how to use the correct spellings of
words within the context of sentences (example - I will ACCEPT your gift.
I told everyone EXCEPT Bill). In addition to this, we STRONGLY encourage
you to keep track of each of your children's misspelled words from their
daily work and add these to the regular spelling lists (this would be the
individual list that Debra was talking about). Spelling lists are not
usually given every week, so a really good plan is to use the lists
provided on the weeks they are given, and concentrate on each child's
individual list during the weeks that formal lists are not given. We
USUALLY trade off with spelling and grammar, so that you won't have
spelling on grammar days, and you won't have grammar on spelling days.
However, this is not always the case and MANY times the spelling
assignments are interwoven directly into another skill we are covering,
such as dictionary skills, writing - or even punctuation and grammar


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