Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Life in the Great Ice Age

We had been looking for something to kind of "bridge the gap" between creation and Egypt - so we read and talked about the info in the LA book and then we have been reading "Life in the Great Ice AGe" - it is available through CBD for 9.75- and it talks about the culture before and after the flood. It explains why the people lived in caves and the "unusual" features some have seen in fossil records - and dispells the myths of cave men. It does everything from a story viewpoint - but covers how they lived, dressed, ate, hunted etc. It is not a short book. It is oversized with great pictures - and some more advanced words - that are understandable because of the story.

My boys are really enjoying it.


It has 70 pages and 7 chapters. Part 1 is mostly story and it lasts until pg 50. Part 2 is more..... scientific and historical. - still with pictures and referring to the characters in the story. We haven't gotten to that part yet in our oral reading - so I don't know how the boys will respond - but they were flipping through it on their own - and that's where they stopped and kept studying the pictures (they show how they set up shelter, tools, drawings and carvings - that sort of thing). I don't know how to categorize it as far as age (every child is different really) - so here's part of the first page:

"The scream of an enraged saber-toothed tiger pierced the stillness of the night. Jabeth, jolted out of a deep sleep, sprang up to a sitting position as a shiver of fear went down his spine. Thar, ready to defend his master, began snarling and tried to lunge toward the cave entrance. Jabeth quickly put an arm around the shaggy neck of his wolf dog to calm him.

Grandfather was already on his feet throwing more wood on the fire. The fire was all that separated them from the pacing tiger. The tiger turned and dissapeared into the blackness of the night. Jabeth felt safe. The tiger would stay away for the rest of the night."

My youngest (5) liked it - and had no bad thoughts/wasn't scared during that first part. Itgoes on to talk about his warm, safe bed and the strong cave walls that protect him.... how lots of animals visit the stream outside their cave.... Some of the words are more advanced - but the story helps make it understandable - and we haven't had any problems so far.

It is an oversized book - and has lots of pictures in the story part (about half and half I'd say - lots of the pages are written on one side - and the picture is on the facing page. There are smaller pictures dispersed through the part 2 sections. It is very biblically based.

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