Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Math Curricula

I can't say enough good things about Singapore Primary Math. It has been so
wonderful for us, after some very frustrating experiences with other math
programs. It is very challenging, moves at a very quick pace without a lot
of repetition and/or drill. It is perfectly suited to my daughter, although
I do have to rein her in a bit so she doesn't move too quickly. There is a
lot of focus on mental math and word problems, which my daughter loves. I
wish that we had started with this from the beginning, the early levels are
so wonderfully visual. We started at the 3B level (2nd semester of Primary
3) and then backed up and covered 2B and 3A as a review. My daughter really
enjoys this program and didn't even mind all the review, because it is
stimulating rather than just repetitive. If you have a chance, check out the
sample pages on the website, link above.


We just started using Math U See - I think it is fantastic!!!


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